I have been detected with serum triglyceride. Serum triglyceride is a type of fat found in blood. If high it can lead to heart diseases. So ever since I have had a word with my doctor I have gone on a strict regime. This is as much a post for me as it is for you all.

I am here and now making an entry on my blog that that I will stick to this routine for the next few months with the aim to lower the serum triglyceride. My health and well-being is important to my family.

Understand that the foods I plan in my die helps to reduce cholesterol.

Here is what I plan to do.

Intermittent fasting

I am planning a full length post on this topic and it will follow soon. It is basically giving your body rest for 16 hours. And you carry on your eating routine for the next 8 hours. Eat your dinner by 8 pm and break your fast the next morning by 12 noon. There has to be a 16 hours of break between your dinner and breakfast.

Morning routine

I had been following a morning routine but in last one month everything has gone haywire. I am gonna start my routine by chewing 1 or 2 garlic with honey empty stomach every morning. Garlic helps reduce cholesterol drastically. Lemon and honey water follows. Breakfast will usually consist of oats or wheat chapati.

No sugar

I am putting a ban on sugar and sweets completely. It adds to the saturation.

No dairy products or fried food or junk food

No fried or oily food, said my doctor and I am sticking to her words. I am gonna avoid dairy products because it will inevitably come with fats. Junk food is what led to this state so those are ruled out completely.


Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seed are my food for cravings.


Apple, pears, oranges are important. One fruit everyday.


Salads! I am gonna live on salads for the next few months. Red, green and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, peas, beet, carrot, baby corn, sweet corn, lemon juice is what I include in salad.


Most important aspect without which my routine won’t be complete or useful at all. 30-45 minutes walk everyday without any breaks. Either treadmill or garden but walk is not to be skipped

Detox water

Since I am taking garlic in the morning it can cause inflammation in my body because my body is such. To reduce that heat I am balancing it out with cucumber and pudina detox water and chia seeds water.

Green tea

Say no to masala chai or adrakwali chai no matter how much you love it. Green tea twice a day is gonna be my routine.

Timely medicines

I am prescribed a drug by the doctor which will help me sleep on time and help me reduce the cholesterol. I often forget to take my pills but now no more. Since my serum triglyceride is high I am put on medicine but if your cholesterol is anywhere nearing the given normal parameters than you can control it but eliminating medicines from the routine.

Health of my family, especially my daughter, is dependent on my well-being.

Will follow up this blog with one more giving you some simple recipes to reduce cholesterol.

You may cross verify this with your dietician and doctor.

More inputs are welcome.

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