I am a voracious reader and my baby is growing up to be one too. Just day before yesterday I bought for her 3 story books and we are already done with two. Let me tell you that my daughter is TWO years old and has shown a strong inclination for books and reading. So how did I accomplish this feat?

Read on to know.

1. You!
Kids emulate adults so make sure you set the right example. Read a newspaper or even a leftlet, if you will but start reading for atleast 15 minutes everyday. I am a voracious reader and my baby has started to follow the footsteps. She even picks the best cover from my wardrobe or sits admiring the books arranged in my bookshelf.

2. Read out aloud
This is what I used to do when my baby was an infant. I would put her to sleep by reading her from the books that I was currently reading. Atleast read one paragraph everyday is what you need to do. This helps develop the kids vocab as well.

3. Enact
Whenever you tell them a story enact it loud and clear. Show them how to emote. This helps keep the child interested in the story you are reading. And you will soon see that they will reenact it for you. They will even remember the names of the stories and tell you to enact whenever they feel so.

4. Gifting books
So everytime I go out I bring back one or two books with me and now my daughter loves receiving them. So surround your kids with books. Show them how to love books.

5. Getting them involved
Whenever you are reading to them make sure you get your child involved. Rudrani likes me to read her stories at any time of the day but when we are doing so I make sure to ask questions every now and then and see if she answers.

So these are 5 simple ways in which I got my daughter to fall in love with books and reading. What are your ways? If you have something to add to this list please do let me know in the comments.

If you aren’t a reader please be one and make sure to pass on the reading genes to your child because no matter what the times, a reader is never lonely.

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