Sadhana – who stalked her? by Spandana Chakradhar is a crime thriller as the name suggests. If you plan to pick up this novel here is my honest review.

The novel follows the story of Sadhana, a middle class girl who goes to Delhi for a new job. She is the sole earning member of her family and wants to repay her family debt. She is a damsel and men are often attracted to her for her looks. A typical homely girl never realizes that her looks can get her in major trouble. Soon enough she is stalked by someone she has come in close proximity with. Who is a stalker forms the rest of the story.

The story is very well drafted. And I would certainly give it up for the author for her craftsmanship. The dialogues are the carriers of the story I feel and they successfully deliver the assigned task. The novel has a flow and is fast paced. The suspense of the novel certainly keeps you hooked. I kept guessing who could be the culprit throughout the novel. It is in present tense and at one point does become a pageturner. The book is well researched, sequenced and presented. The writing is crisp and to the point.

However, there are a few technical things that cannot be overlooked when you read this novel. The novel though gains pace yet it losses it sooner. The story seems dragged. What could have been wrapped up in about 150 or so pages gets extended to 250 pages and spanning 2.5 years. There are too many characters involved and that sort of confused me a bit. The use of present tense gets one involved but there are instances when you see a switch. The editing I would say is rusty because there are multiple goof- ups throughout the novel. The author or editor could have used the space amply to switch scenes because keeping scenes in flow without any space sort of made it a tad confusing.

But I believe and know it from my experience that to bring a book alive is a lot of hardwork. And my reviews are often from one author to another, so I would say read the book if you like crime thrillers. Overlooking the aforementioned flaws I honestly feel this book did entertain me.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Write India publisher
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