One thing I have learnt from my transformation from being a reader to an author is that it changes how you read a text – be it a book or a magazine. This change had started to take root quite early in my life but the realisation dawned only when my debut novel was published. And now when I read, I read from the perspective of an author and even in my book reviews you will find changes that an author can implement in the later editions of the book. So which authors truly inspired me to write and why should you read them. Here’s a list


The woman is one person who will touch upon the most raw and rare human emotions with her words. When I read her book THE REVENUE STAMP, PINJAR and EK KHALI JAGAH, I could feel an affinity of an author towards her characters. She has taught me how to love and develop your characters with utmost precision


Those of you close to me know how much I love what Danielle Steel pens. She is magnificent with words and her descriptions will never bore you. To learn how to be extremely descriptive with deftness then one ought to read her books, the one’s especially written in the gone decade. THE GHOST, THE RING, THURSTON HOUSE, SISTERS etc.


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Dear Rudrani, #happywomensday You are my strength and I have mentioned so time and again. Born on the fourth day of Navratri you brought along the courage and balance of Goddess Durga with you. You have passed on that courage and strength to me. You have held me in my bad times. No one really knows or can understand how an infant can bring strength to her mother but I do. I have seen it and felt it. . . I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you. I know from your ways and your likes that you will be a fine lady. Determined, dominating and yet delicate within, in this world ruled by men. I know you will stand out no matter what. The blood of a tiger runs in your veins, always remember that. Your grandparents are courageous hearts and so are you! . . If you ever falter or fear, if this patriarchy tries to put you down or discourage you. And if I am not around. Just read these two books – The Ghost by Danielle Steel and A matter of time by Shashi Deshpande. (Swipe left) Both these books have been a balm to my wounds. The strong woman characters reach out to you. Yes, I have many more recommendations for you but these two are my favorite. . . Last but not the least, pass on the reading genes to your children. Let them flourish and grow between the pages and beyond. Love always. Your Aai Siddhi ❣️ (Prasiddhi for your Baba 😉) . . . . #lettertomydaughter #mombloggers #momnbaby #bookstagramindia #unitedbookstagram #mumbaibookstagram #bookbloggersofindia #bookbloggerofinstagram #mombloggerofinstagram #momndaughter #babyandmommy #letters #india #mumbai #womzdayz8

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A MATTER OF TIME is the only book by Shashi Deshpande which I have read so far. However, the book teaches one how to build an intricate plot which never goes haywire. She comments on the Indian patriarchy, has strong women characters. In fact, it is because of her that I picked up my niche as social when I began my first book.


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#BookReview: Christmas Magic by #noraroberts contains two novellas namely, All I Want For Christmas and This Magic Moment both the novellas serve as a perfect read for Christmas/Winters. While one is heartwarming, the other is fascinating. ⏬ More about it on my blog. Check the link in the bio. ⏬ #qotd: Is #romance your thing for Winters? What does winter mean to you? Leave your answers in the comments. ⏬ #igreads #thebookstagram #booksofinstagram #igbooks #indianigers #instareads #2017 #indianbookblogger #readersofinstagram #bookbloggersofinstagram #December #bookstagramindiafeature #bookstagramfeatureindia #instabooks #indianbookstagrammer #featuremybook #happyreading #bookblogger #instablogger #blogging #microblogging #bloggerstyle #instablog #bookstagram #bookstagramindia #like4like

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Those of you who love romance, fantasy or thriller ought to pick up books by Nora Roberts or JD ROBB. Her series are quite intriguing and gets one hooked. If you wanna lean how to pen a fantastic series then you ought to read her series first. She masters in crafting series. Plus how to infuse two genre successfully! I lovethe way she write. At times she does go overboard with descriptions but that’s okay, you have an option to skip.


She gets you involved like no other. You feel one with her world and start living in the world of brands that she creates. She is the new age author who pens most wonderful feel good books. There are only a few recent ones that I haven’t read but most books by her, I have fallen in love with. Learn how to get one addicted to your books from her!


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It is yet another typical day in the life of a #Mumbaikar. #sunday often happens to be our #metime and despite the consistent and irksome #megablocks here we are finding time for ourselves amongst the crowd. And here I am sitting at the station waiting for the 1:10 slow to come on time so that I reach my destination on time. Here I am chasing #booklovers for a yet another unique #bookishmeetup organised by my baby @mumbaibookstagram Waiting. Whiling away my time. Thanks to #dharmendra he keeps me company to shoo away the boredom. . . #question: What are your plans for weekend? What are you #currentlyreading? . . . . #bollywood #biography #bookstagramindia #unitedbookstagram #mumbaibookstagram #Mumbailocal #indianigers #booksarelove #booksniffer #booksaremylife #howipassmytime #sundayreads #sundayposts #afternoonposts #meets #sunmarnity

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‘Again a new age author who pens some lovely and charismatic books – PS I LOVE YOU, WHERE RAINBOWS END, FLAWED SERIES etc. She will pen fantasy and it will have an element of surprise to it. She has taught me to think out-of-the-box.

So, these are my favourite authors. If you have read any of them let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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