Years ago I picked up a book penned by Ahmed Faiyaz but somehow didn’t finish reading it. Years later, I pick up his Bestseller, which is on the verge to become a bestseller and I am amazed at the writing and the story!

Published by Rupa Publications, the novel follows the story of Akshay Mathur. Akshay is separated from his wife and has lost his job. He comes to Mumbai in search of a job. He starts working for a run-down publishing firm, Kalim. On the day of his arrival the owner of the firm dies. And thus begins the story of how Akshay Mathur, single handedly brings back Kalim’s lost glory with his acumen.

Coming to what I felt about this book. This is one breezy read. It is sure to refresh you. Believe me, you haven’t read anything like this before. It has unique storyline with mix of wits, humor, pun and fun! It will relax you in no time. Before beginning this book I was sort of stressed out and I needed a light read. This book turned out to be a stress buster. And add to that I felt like I picked up this book at the right time. I am looking out for publishers for a book a friend is working on and so this book not only gave me the necessary ideas to work on the project but it also took me through the life in the publication world. (Because being a reviewer we get to the books only when they are published.) What goes into a book and the entire publishing scenario is mentioned in an interesting way. Which also goes on to say that the book is quite neatly presented and tightly scripted. The language is lucid and chapters kept short.

A thing worth mentioning about this satirical here is the characters! There are multiple characters but every character has a peculiar aura. It evokes an emotion accordingly. These characters are so very well sketched that they blend into the narrative seamlessly causing no nuisance at all. Infact they add an edge to the story and get the readers involved. There wasn’t a single dull moment while reading this book. It was a quick read and quite fast paced even.

In our hectic lives rarely do we get the books (by Indian authors, specifically) that are out and out entertainers without a cliché romantic plot. So you must pick up Bestseller because it won’t disappoint you!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Rupa Publication
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