“One keeps hoping for continuity, eternity or infinity. All these are futile. We are simply transient existents of that absolute energy for a short while, with a body, mind and spirit (individual awareness) that decompose, decay and rejoin the same source that we came from.” – Spiritual Power: The Mask of the absolute by Gian Kumar

Being a spiritual seeker I am always interested in reading a good spiritual book which reaffirms and reinstills the only message – Tat tvam asi – back into my being and/or helps me understand it better. Spiritual Power: The mask of the absolute by Gian Kumar is one such book. Published by Hayhouse India, this book is over 200 pages long.

This is the second book in the Spiritual Power series started by the author. I have read and loved Spiritual Power: Being and becoming (vol 1). With this book the author takes us deeper into the world of spirituality. He stresses on the aspect of how spirituality is different from religion and dogma. How we are spiritual beings getting a human experience. The author has used quite a simplistic language to make us understand the concepts. He first reintroduces us to the essence of spirituality and spiritualism then taking us further by explaining the difference between faith and reality. He introduces us to Maya and explains the concept or the theory of mahashunya.

As for me it turned out to be an intriguing read. The concepts are broken down in such a way with perfect analogies that help us comprehend better. The author even provides a methods to evaluate, understand and practice mindfulness. He stresses that dialogue with our mind is of utmost importance when one is seeking mindfulness.

Yes, sometimes one does feel like the concepts get repeated but that’s how it should be. Despite being rational beings, somethings need to be hammered so that we act in one particular manner. For instance, our age old beliefs have been hammered into our mind and so we follow them blindly. If we have to start practicing mindfulness, we need to understand the concept in it’s entirety and therefore we have been repeatedly introduced to same concepts by spiritualists/saints.

This book effortlessly shows us the way from seeing to becoming a seer. It is one powerful and compelling book with enough conviction. So if you are a spiritual seeker just like me then you ought to pick up this book.

Publishers: Hayhouse India
To buy the book click https://amzn.to/2ZoTO8D