Battle of Saragarhi has been much spoken about amongst netizens and hence I decided to pick up Bloomsbury India’s latest release 21 Kesaris by Kiran Nirvan.

Authored by Kirandeep Singh and Nirvan Singh the book celebrates 21 martyrs who have set an example for generations to come by fearlessly charging at the tribal army of 10,000 Pathans. The book takes us towards the Battle of Saragarhi one step at a time. From talking about the birth of Sikh religion to the valour of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and towards the 36th Sikh, the book gives us a thorough background that leads towards the historic battle.

The part of the battle is fictionalized and that’s a plus because it sure gives you gooseflesh and is equally inspiring. I was awed by the courage of those 21 lions who remarkably put the Pathans to shame. The authors also take us through the aftermath of the events giving us details about the British Government of India’s reaction to such dedication and loyalty of 36th Sikh.

Coming to the language of the book, it seems poetic and is quite lucid. The authors use flashback to keep us updated about the background history. This is a nonfiction that won’t bore you one bit.

If you are a history buff like me then you are sure to love this book.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
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