Indian mythology is not only rich in content but it gives us a way of life. Life lessons are preached in the most attractive way in mythology and that’s what you get to read in the book Mystical tales for a magical life by Shubha Vilas. This book is over 200 pages and published by Fingerprint publishers.

The book consists of 11 unique stories from Indian mythology – Mahabharata, Jaimini Bharata, Markandeya purana, Ramayana and Kathasaritasagara. Each story is spellbinding and comes with moral given at every step of the way. The author even gives a comprehensive view for every story.

The writing style is quite lucid. The stories plucked by the author are rich and mature. Out of all the stories given I absolutely fell in love with Trials of truth so much that I had tears in my eyes. The stories given here are more character based and describe different episodes in the lives of these characters. There’s so much to take away from this book!

Overall, the book was a good read and if you like reading mythology you might want to give this book a read. However, I wouldn’t call this one unputdownable.

Publishers: Fingerprint publishers
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