The jungle radio – bird songs of India by Devangana Dash published by Puffin Books is sure to create young ornithologists in India.

The book is a poem that introduces the kids to the different varieties of birds found in our country. Gul has been sitting in her veranda when she hears the jungle radio playing the saccharin songs of the Indian birds. Gul then goes on to introduce us to these birds.

The book is poetic and hence quite appealing for kids. Moreover it is so colorful that even I fell in love with it. One must give it up for Devangana Dash for she is uber talented. Not only does she recreate bird melodies in this book but makes the jungle come alive through her vibrant illustrations.

Do I recommend this book to your kids? Definitely.

Is it likable? The kids will fall in love with it.

Is it educative? A big YES to that!

However, I recommend this book to kids above 2 years of age.

Publisher: Puffin books
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