When you are only thirteen, you can’t do much to change the world around you. But if you keep dreaming and hoping and trying, you will eventually get what you desire, no matter how difficult a situation might seem and how uncertain the future. – Coming round the mountain by Ruskin Bond

No one needs to tell you how deeply Ruskin Bond’s books impact you. They leave you with fulfilled with uncanny emotions. Coming around the mountain – In the years of Independence by Ruskin Bond is one such book. Published by Puffin books, it is short memoir.

This is the third in the short memoir series by the author, the previous two books being – Looking for the rainbow and Till the clouds roll by. The book follows the hostel life of the author in his teens years. The year is 1947 and the author traces the movements through his teen eyes.

It is an extremely easy going book. The language is simple and likable. I can’t divulge too much about the plot of the book because that’s for you to experience. But the book leaves you with a delectable aftertaste which you won’t ever regret. The illustrations by Mihir Joglekar are on point and add a dimension to the story. It us heartbreaking to see Bond part with his friends and you keep wondering if he ever met his friends again. The way teacher-student relationship is portrayed is again heartwarming.

Ruskin Bond books cannot be reviewed, in my opinion. They are to be felt from the depths of your soul.

Publisher: Puffin books
To buy the book click, https://amzn.to/2JFmq8a