Digital world has brough forth unimaginable transformation for mankind. The social spaces have reduced and the world has come closer, almost under one roof. Spaces like Facebook and Instagram have given birth to new businesses and that’s exactly what the author Ray Titus explores in his book Round The Clock – How a 24×7 digital marketplace is transforming business. The book is published by Sage publishing.

The book is divided into short 10 chapters and is only about 170 pages long (excluding the bibliography.) Every chapter tackles one concept pertaining to digitisation and explores it to the fullest. The author gives us a comprehensive view of a digital marketplace with the help of bar charts, case studies, surveys and his research.

The book is enlightening and knowledge heavy. If you run a business in the digital market then you are sure to gain some insight from this book. And though I enjoyed reading this book, I was actually expecting a lot more about the hacks an influencer can use. The language of the book is quite simple and lucid.

Overall, it is an impressive work but it could have added some tips that digital marketers can use daily, in my view.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Sage publishing
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