The transformation from being a reader to a book reviewer came with set of pros and cons. The commitments, the ever increasing TBR pile and the books you buy and forget to read; this pressure undeniably leads to reader’s block. Same goes with the writer’s block. I am an author and there are days and months when I don’t feel like writing. What does one do in such situations? Well, I have some tried and tested methods, simple and easy, that will help you get over the reader’s block or writer’s block.

1. Don’t stress
This is extremely importa because most of the times we give up easily, especially on our passion, if we start stressing. So it is important to just relax when you hit the rock. Go slow because you aren’t a machine that churns out reviews after reviews. And if you feel the pressure from your clients or work place, make sure you are quite vocal about it because if bottled up it is going to lead to more frustration and less productivity.

2. Alternative source of entertainment
When things go haywire I switch my mode. From reading I often turn to music, sitcoms, documentaries or chick flick movies. These alternative source of entertainment works well for me.

3. Go on a vacay
Often I am bogged down by my daily chores and the motherly duties so much that it does get a lot frustrating if I am unable to complete my monthly reading pile on time. That’s precisely when I hit the reader’s block. What do I do then? Take a day off from these duties, eat out or call for a take out. Or go to my mom’s place where she let’s me relax and read. And if possible I even take a short vacay somewhere close to Mumbai where I need not think of social media or books.

4. Stay away from social media
Since I spoke about social media I need to tell you this! Stay away from social media if you wish to get over that reader’s block of yours. Because seeing all your friends reading some book or the other is gonna stress you out. Some bookstagramers read 11-13 or even 20 books in a month. When I start comparing my reading speed with theirs it often leads to stress. And you don’t want that. So just stay away from your smartphone for a few days.

5. Walk
Yes, a simple walk can easily help you get over your reading slump. Walking increases blood circulation hence it gives way to positive thoughts and increases creativity and productivity. A long walk has always worked in my favour. You may want to try it too.

Have you got any more tips to add to this post? Do leave them in the comments below.

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