Mark Manson’s The subtle art of not giving a f*ck was a major hit world wide. And the follow up Everything is F*cked within few days of it’s release is already on a verge to be a major hit. Published by HarperCollins India, Everything is F*cked, a book about hope is one soul transforming book.

The book is divided into two parts. Part one talks about the idea of hope and how hope requires everything to be fucked to be present in our lives and to be the guiding force. In the second part the author stresses on what happens when everything is f*cked, basically talking about how stress shapes our attitude.

Throughout the book the author explains the two aspects by giving many anecdotes and sharing many case studies and experiments. This helps make the book a lot interesting. Part one I felt was more intriguing than the second half. There was a connectivity in part one, I felt. Part two, sort of lost that connect for me. Talking about the language, it is lucid and one starts to feel like we are a part of one long amusing TedTalk. The book is peppered with humor which keeps our interest alive.

The author uses paradoxical optimism to convey his point. And doesn’t get preachy at all. I loved the concepts of consciousness car – thinking brain and feeling brain, and antifragility.

Overall, I think it is one good read and well researched at that.

Publisher: HarperCollins India
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