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Books have a magic in them to teleport us into some fantasy land and if it is fantasy book your hopes increase two fold. I recently came across a book The Children Of Destruction, a children’s fantasy by Kuber Kushik published by Penguin India.

The book follows the story of Alice, a teenager who discovers that she has magical powers. Series of eerie dreams and her uncontrollable anger leads her to a realization that she has supernatural powers. She decides to leave the house and join the bandwagon of magical beings like her. At the crux the book is more about how destructive and constructive magic can really be.

The book has multiple perspectives. Alice’s story is told in first and others are in third person perspective. The book has multiple characters and every character has a backstory. Every chapter tries to take us a tad deeper into the lives of each character. Alice’s story was easily affable and the language used was very interactive and amused me much. The writing style was lucid and narration smooth. The dialogues were witty and at times funny even.

What did not work for me was that the book wasn’t fast paced and kept losing focus, in my view. I went into a bad reading slump once I was done with it. Also, except Alice’s character I couldn’t connect with other characters. Introduction to every character only added to my confusion.

Overall, the book was a good read. If you are just beginning to read Fantasy fiction then you can certainly pick it up. Teenagers too will like reading the book.

Ps: I would suggest annotating the book with introduction of every character so that you can go back to them any time and this might lessen your confusion.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Penguin India
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