“I am in love!
I am in love with Sameer! It’s such a strange feeling. Until tonight, I didn’t even realize it…. I guess the seed was planted a long time back and I didn’t notice that the sapling was growing, the leaves sprouting, the roots pushing deeper and stronger, the branches becoming sturdier, and now it has a life of its own. My love has a life of it’s own.” – Meant to be Together, Faraaz Kazi

I am a sucker for romance. But when it comes to the Indian romance writing, I am often always disappointed. For me, only a few Indian authors could strike a chord with their romantic books and Faraaz Kazi’s Meant to be Together is one such book!

This book follows the story of Preeti. She is an IT professional with a troubled past. Her childhood has had a profound impact on her personality but she is a strong woman and has coped with resilience. When things look happier, a tragedy hits Preeti and her family. Preeti is left broken and there is no way she can recover. Unless love happens. And love does happen. Sameer Arora, the good looking bad boy walks into her life to change things for Preeti.

Let me begin by saying that I read this book in one sitting. It turned out to be an unputdownable read for me. I found myself laughing, I found myself sighing and I found myself wanting more of Sameer and Preeti’s love story. I loved the character of Preeti and how she is sketched by the author. She certainly gives us hope to fight demons that lurk in and around us. And the character of Sameer was loveable. He came across as a balm that every woman needs. He was hero in the guise of a friend.

This book was cent percent relatable. We all have been through this phase when we fall for our boy best friend and then the question looms if we should confess our feelings and blow up a lovely relationship of friendship or to just hide behind the veil and let things unfurl at it’s own pace. While I was reading this book I was completely immersed in the world created by Kazi. And I found myself smiling because an Indian author has got my favorite genre right! No cliché plotline, no unnecessary drama, but a plain love story which will make you feel good. Another thing I loved about the book was that it has many quotable quotes.

Coming to the technicalities, the narration takes place in present tense and we also get to read the diary entries from Preeti’s childhood which help us understand her character better. Apart from Preeti and Sameer the characters of Preeti’s parents and Sameer’s friend, Abhinav add an edge to the story, a touch of realism. And the conversations between Sameer and his friends do make you laugh out loud.
This book is a light read which is what I certainly needed after strenuous month.

The only hiccup for me was the climax. I wanted to know what would have been Sameer’s reaction and how things would have turned out but the author takes us directly to the epilogue. Now that’s something that was unexpected

So I would urge you to pick it up if you want to read something that is light and something that is a feel good romance. Those of you who love romance genre will fall in love with this book.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
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