I love what Trishala Jain is doing with her books. While Trishala’s previous book that I reviewed, “Sunrise, Moonrise” talks about religious equality, Om the gnome & the chanting comb, helps us understand the importance of the word OM.

OM is a universal sound which echoes even in the womb of a mother. It is said to calm our senses down and a viral video shows how the sound can easily calm a crying baby too. Hence, it is important to educate our kids about this phenomenon which was born in India.

After reciting the story to my 2 year old daughter I made sure that we sit together and chant OM. I loved how she liked doing this exercise and she has been telling everyone in my household how Om the gnome became a calm boy because he chanted Om.

The story is easy to understand and the character of Om is quite relatable. The illustrations by Tahirah Powell instantly attracts the kids to the book and keeps them hooked.

I would urge parents to pick up this one for their tot and help them understand the importance of Om. Because reading and books are the seeds sown for healthy future of our kids.

Publisher: Puffin books / Penguin India
To buy the book, pls click https://amzn.to/2jQtiVE