Stories make our life so simple, especially, if they have the ease to educate! I recently came across a children’s book, The adventures of Biplop the Bumblebee penned by Abhishek Talwar.

The book follows the story of a Bumblebee called Biplop. Though the name of our hero is a funny tongue twister yet his adventures are sure to teach our kiddos a thing or two about agriculture and farming. The book hosts other friendly characters like Farmer Balram, Ms. Hibiscus, Ms. Violet, Carla the ladybug, Ms. Sunflower etc. These characters have an instant appeal. And who doesn’t like a friendly bumblebee with a sparkle in its eye.

The book consists of 3 stories. The first story helps us understand the process of pollination and how bees play a vital role there. The second story teaches us about water harvesting and the third story talks about natural pest repellents.

From the point of view of a reader these stories were easy going and kept me hooked. The concepts are simplified. In my view the book is suitable for kids of age 5 and above. From the point of view of a mother these stories are a must read for our kiddos.

The illustrations done by Sonal Goyal are happy and appealing. I found my 2-year-old instantly attracted towards the book because of the colorful illustrations and the cute character of Biplop.

Overall, The adventures of Biplop the Bumblebee (vol 1) is one fine book to gift our kiddos.

Publisher: Puffin Books / Penguin India
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