Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans, they say. And some like me have experienced it first hand, the unexpected blows by life. Ritu Kakar’s One precious moment is a novel which presents this thought in the most beautiful way.

The novel follows the story of Mira and Rahul. Mira is a college student and during her first year she crosses path with Rahul Singh, a handsome young man. They commute together in the Mumbai local. Both like each other but they never get talking to each other. But one fine day when it seems like Mira might just get into a huge trouble, Rahul becomes her protective shield and that gets them rolling.

What begins from thereon is a beautiful story of a couple in love. I loved the ease with which this story flows. It just gets you involved without you realizing it. The language is simple and easy to read. The author has peppered multiple youthful slang throughout the novel which easily connects with the readers.
The narration is linear but what makes this story loveable is the warmth that it oozes. The characters become one of your own and it is as if the story is unfolding for real infront of your eyes. The author doesn’t host many characters but she simply weaves magic with only a few in hand. The settings though are described in the book yet they don’t play a significant role. The story could have taken place in any part of the world and yet it would still be appealing. The climax and the part of the story after the catastrophe made me overtly emotional. I had gooseflesh. And I could relate to the story on one level. From the cover of the novel I presumed that the book might be a thriller, however, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Were there glitches in the novel? Yes. I felt like the language, though, is youthful, yet the novel could have been edited better. For instance, the word “sooo” could have instead been italicized for emphasis. And there are many such small edits one will come across in this book.

But apart from that this book makes for a delightful read, especially, if you too turn a mush when reading romance, like me.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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