The eternal Kashmir strife intrigues every Indian and with article 370 being scrapped, the issue has gained momentum. Rather it is a topic of discussion in every household. In such times, Kashmir’s untold story declassified by Iqbal Chand Malhotra and Maroof Raza comes as a revelatory read. The book is published by Bloomsbury India.

Only over few 100 pages long but this book is filled with information from cover to cover. During a casual political discussion I and my friends had come to a conclusion that Pakistan’s narrative has always been Anti-India and its affinity with China is a threat enough. And when I picked this book the aforementioned conclusion only became more clear, especially after I read about operation Datta Khel.

Like I mentioned above this book is knowledge heavy so please take your own sweet time to read and absorb the information given. Make sure you have a pen and notepad handy as the knowledge shared is vast and can confuse you. This book was certainly unputdownable read for me.

In only about 10 chapters authors educate us about Kashmir’s aristocracy and its ascension to India. We get to know about the pivotal role that Britishers played in wreaking a havoc in J&K, the ghost of which looms large in the valley till date. Authors rightly mention that the Kashmir issue is “a shadow boxing competition with both boxers fighting while on a leash.” I feel that this holds true even now.

When I talk about the writing style, it was understandable and episodic. But it took me sometime to familiarize myself with certain things mentioned in the book. Initially comprehending was a tad difficult. I believe giving flowcharts would have helped a lay person like me who wants to educate oneself about the Kashmir issue. However, after 50 or so pages the narrative became storylike.

Overall, this book is revelation on many levels. It is thoroughly an eye opener. It incredible, powerful and sure to gain attention.

My advice is, if you are just beginning to read about the Kashmir conflict then you can pick Kashmir’s untold story declassified by Iqbal Chand Malhotra and Maroof Raza without a second thought.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
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