If I say that I have found an Indian Nora Roberts then I wouldn’t be lying. Megha Rao casts a spell with her book Music to flame lilies. The book is published by Tara India Research Press.

The book follows the life of Noor. She is a Kashmiri with an ancestral home in Herga. While she is in London, she decides to visit Herga to find out the truth about her best friend’s demise. Things get mystical and enigmatic as she starts a new life in Herga, away from the crowd of London or the chaos of Kashmir.

I took my own sweet time to finish this book. When I picked it up I hadn’t a clue what I was gonna dive into. It turned out to be a spine chilling, Halloween read for me. I usually stay away from horror genre but this one was enticing and enchanting. The book surprised me with it’s spooky elements. It speaks of superstitions and supernatural in a remote village of India.

The book shows three diverse settings namely – London, Kashmir and Herga. Herga is where the story unfolds but London and Kashmir add a dimension to the story. The opposite situations in Herga and Kashmir that run parallel in the story makes us ponder.

The book is an amalgamation of mystery, romance, political chaos, social commentary, philosophy and supernatural. When I was reading the book I felt like the protagonist, Noor’s, dilemma is justified and can make readers question the existence of supernatural. The way her thoughts are penned, it makes you think.

I should dedicate an entire para appreciating the language that the author has used. It is simply beautiful. All sparkles and gold. It is artistic. It is surreal. It is lyrical. It is mystical. It is metaphoric. With short, clipped sentences.

“His eyelids are umbrellas to his pouring eyes, but the rain never stops.”

“He still beats within me like a swan song, a tale past bed time, a recurring dream. A resonance of slow deaths.”

I, especially, loved reading a love making scene the author pens.

“Cobalt and azure swirl at the bottom as he drags me down into the water like an anchor.”

The only glitch I felt was the transition of thoughts and scenes or an introduction to a situation can feel a tad choppy.

Overall, this one is a page turner and an unputdownable read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Publisher: Tara India Research Press
To buy the book, pls click https://amzn.to/31vHEKT