Poetries to me have always been a breather I need at some point in time. It is like a drug dose to me. Samir Satam’s The camphor of night is a book of poems that is not only freshness inducing but also thought provoking.

The book consists of 10 sections which has over 90 poems penned by the author. Every poem has a soul of its own. Every poem is a dialogue by the poet, a one on one conversation with the readers. Every poem is structured to perfection. The language used is succinct and hard hitting. The poet conveys so much in just a few words and that amazes me. The maturity dribbles from every word. When I talk about the structure I know how perfectly the caricature of every poem is moulded and shaped. If one reads carefully, one can actually visualize the artform taking a shape. It is like every part is plucked from the best the nature has to provide and then added to the poems. There is comprehensive understanding of life that you shall read in the words of poet Samir Satam.

Just a glimpse of one of the poems…

The book was a short read. I flew through it and reread it. I began reading it while on my staycation and I reread it while coming back home. I simply loved reading the harsh realities section a lot. All the poems that the poet has penned gives us a new perspective towards the things usually scorned up or towards reality and life. When you are reading the poems it is like you don’t realize that the punch is waiting just at the end of the poem. That punch is waiting for you to devour the poem and to hit you in the gut.

If I go to pick up my favourites from this book I will end up listing all the poems. But if I had to just pick two then I would say – Hospitals and Communal riots – is my absolute favourite. There is strong eeriness in these poems that will shake you up.

Overall, if you love to read poems, don’t miss out on this gem.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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