I have always been a history buff and I love reading historical fiction. Hence when I came across The curse of Nader Shah, I made sure to pick it up. The book is penned by Sutapa Basu and is published by Readomania.

The book follows the story of Nader Shah, the ruler of Persia who went on to conquer almost all of middle east and Indian throne of Moghuls as well. The book focuses on a curse fallen on Shah, the mighty conqueror and the tyrant, and how this curse led to his downfall.

The story, right from the prologue towards the climax is quite interesting. Infact the cliffhanger left in the prologue keeps you hooked throughout which only goes on to say that the prologue is quite intriguing. The curse that foreshadows the Shehenshah keeps us glued to the book. Though there was a tad too much information on history initially which did seem quite factual and boring, yet it was interesting. The pace of the book kept fluctuating for me. Initially I found it quite slow but later it was a pageturner. The dramatization that begins post 100 pages or so, is done to perfection. If I say that the book focuses on a love story and is a typical revenge drama then I wouldn’t be lying. One can even call these as the core themes of this book. The emotions penned reach you and leave you shaken.

Only a few books can have an awesome opening line, this is one of those books.

When I talk about narration, you will notice how the story progresses from prologue to the climax, the narration comes a full circle. The language used is a delight to read because it isn’t just understandable English we come across but the author has peppered enough urdu words to add a touch of the era which I absolutely loved.

The book is very well researched. You will find the mention of Kohinoor and other Moghul gems which you may not have heard of till date. The madness of Shehenshah, his rage, his emotions, his overall character is broughout well by the author. Infact, I loved the angle she gave to Shahbanu’s story. It was predictable yet at some levels unforeseen. And while we are praising the pen of the author, we must not miss out on the exceptional writing seen in war scenes. The picture comes alive as you read about the wars fought between Nader Shah and tribals or Nader Shah and Moghuls.

Overall, the author gives us a comprehensive picture of a tyrannical rule and its ruler. Historical fiction lovers will surely like reading this book.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Publisher: Readomania

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