Darkness by Ratnakar Matkari, the English translation published by HarperCollins India and translated by Vikrant Pande is a spooky read which is not to be missed, especially, if you like horror genre.

I picked this book as a Halloweens special read and absolutely fell in love with it. The book consists of 18 short stories. All the stories have a crisp narration. When I say crisp, I mean that these stories are tightly knit. As also there is ease in the words, (the language) and the narration. Most of the stories are written in first person. All the stories are fast paced and every story leaves you stunned. The punch of each story is towards its climax and when I understood this writing pattern I waited for the climax to surprise me.

This book was my first legit spooky read, picked up after ages. And I loved reading it. All the stories were spine chilling and The Lost Child is one story that will stay with me for long. The stories are unique and mindblowing. When I say unique, one gets to read about parallel universe, black magic, beasts and monsters. And most of these stories stand tall on the unfulfilled desires. The thrill that one wants from a horror book, this book supplies it in ample. And I must mention the translator here because Vikrant Pande has done an exemplary job translating the book, keeping in mind that the effect of the story isn’t lost in the translation.

Overall, this book is amazing and it gets better with each story. It was an unputdownable read for me. And in my view, if you want to curl up with a good spooky read then this book is not to be missed.

Publisher: HarperCollins India
To buy the book, pls click https://amzn.to/32hJnUG