1. What inspired you to write this story?

I always felt the burgeoning information technology industry has never been represented in our media. Various experiences of mine and my colleagues made me twine the same into an entertaining and believable life journey.

2. ‎Any incident in particular that has been recreated from real life?

I have always focused on entertainment over true incidents even if that makes them look fictitious as sometimes reality can be drab.

3. ‎How long did it take to complete this novel? How many edits did it go through?

It took up a good 2 years of part-time and reluctant writing at first but subsequently turned into disciplined and sincere writing with numerous updations to bring it to an acceptable level.

4. ‎What is your writing schedule like? How many hours do you put into writing?

Typically, I aim to complete the better of 4 hours regularly but a variety of factors do not enable me to clock that target.

5. ‎How do you escape writer’s block?

There is really no escape. We have no choice but to accept that just like in any creative process, there will be saturating and draining moments. If ideas are not creeping through at a particular time even after trying hard, we should relent. We should channelize that time by utilizing it in planning out other aspects of writing viz editing, composing, realigning or other options like reading or even switching with other job time slots to break any sort of mould or monotony except if we are pattern buffs.

6. ‎What hurdles did you face while publishing the book?

Numerous. Firstly, no response from publishers. Then, prolonged contracting. After that, slow-moving execution and delayed inputs. This does not allow any clear estimation of launch period and results in a premature or preemptive event.

7. ‎What are the 5 things we can find on your work table?

Paper, pen, movable partitions to isolate from the external world when there is excessive distraction, adequate lighting, breeze, ventilation for fresh air and water.

8. Do you have any unpublished or half written books?

Presently I have completed the sequel to the release book and am working on a new-age thriller.

9. Name a book you have read which made you think differently about fiction.

A View From The Bridge from Arthur Miller, especially, the theater version made me re-look at this, as opposed to the reader version included in academic syllabuses.

10. Do you read book reviews? What’s your opinion about it?

Yes, I most certainly do. They help us make the choice about which book we would like to read.

11. What message would you give to budding authors like me?

Be unique, sincere and hardworking. Try to perfect your work. Get people to validate your stuff.

This is an english-fiction story titled ‘It’s Not Only Love…’. it traces the journey of a group of friends from the ITES industry – right from their schooling years through their college days, right up to their working years. The story is spread over 11 chapters that are essentially stages of their lives.

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