Suprio Ghosh, a poet, a songwriter, a cartoonist and a short story writer has penned closer to reality poems that speak of multiple civic issues in the book Wake up oh! Indian wake up please. The book is published by Zorba books.

The book consists of 40 poems. All the poems address some or the other civic issue. The most common themes I found in this book are addressing the citizens about cleanliness and community hygiene. The other themes I came across were- damaging public property, unemployment, dowry, bad education system, bad facilities, dalipidated condition of public hospitals etc. The book speaks of real third world problems.

Let’s crucify the contractor
Who cheated to make money
Who have excellent projects on paper?
Though physically there aren’t any – Wake up oh! Indian wake up please by Suprio Ghosh

As much as dramatic the name of the book, the poetries too have ample of fierceness to it. These poems are pleas of the poet. And this collection of poems is an extremely emotional and dramatic work according to me. There are certain lines or paras which I found hard-hitting. But most of the times the rhyming seemed forced and not every time all that rhymes makes a good poem, in my view.

Overall, it was a good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Zorba books
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