I have always had this complaint that no one on this planet understands me or my soul. That belief was erased as soon as I was done reading I’ve never been (un)happier by Shaheen Bhatt. The book is published by Penguin India.

Only in about 150 pages the author shows us the face of depression. She takes us through the turmoil she went through. And she does so with utmost honesty.

The book is highly engrossing. The rich vocabulary and captivating syntax enhances the reading experience. The words and sentences used are succinct. They make you stop and think. The book has diary entries by the author which precedes every chapter.

I’ve never been (un)happier resonates on many levels. What you read aren’t just words or memories, those are emotions. Don’t judge the book, feel it, live it, to understand it better. This book not only speaks of depression but dissects feelings associated with it. It speaks reality and many a times this reality hits you in the stomach leaving you stunned.

I have been through the rough patch called depression and come out unscathed. It may be because of my genes or willpower but to fight it off without drugs was a challenge. When a person is in depression, they can’t really pinpoint their problem area. For instance you can say, I have a headache; but when it comes to depression, there is no name for the sudden burst of anger or tears or that long silence! I walked through that fire and I know it in my heart that depression is a lonely disease. It leaves you wreaked. You seem like a normal person doing normal things but deep down you are broken!

And while I was reading this book, I didn’t come across a single glitch. It was as if Shaheen Bhatt was reading my mind.This book had me in tears. Every bit resonated. After every chapter I would stop and breath. To me, it was like someone was taking me through my past, someone who understood what really happened to me. It was like a film that was playing and that film was about me. But that film wasn’t a happy one. I was drowning in this book, overcome with emotions and there were persistent painful flashbacks.

I wouldn’t want to judge this book ever! It is hauntingly beautiful and one must read it once in their lives. It tops my best reads of 2019 list.

Thank you Shaheen Bhatt for such a heartfelt book.

As for the bit about my experience with depression, Baba (my father) is long gone, the hurt is still there within me, the scars remain but I wear my scars like a crown. Like Kintsugi.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Penguin India
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