Some stories are simple yet they fill you with warmth. One such story I came across is Lost by Samair.

The book follows the story of Aishwaray, Utkarsh and Kiara. This a story of love and a story of friendship. While Aishwaray is an anchor, Utkarsh and Kiara are the charmers of this story. Utkarsh falls for Kiara and soon we see a romance brewing but owing to miscommunications and misunderstandings they drift apart. Will the two come together? And what is Aishwaray’s role in their love story, forms the rest of the story.

The book is basically a simple love story. It shows us how love changes over time. It shows us the ups and downs that every relationship has to go through. Every character evokes a different emotion, every character has a distinct persona. The fact that the author has kept minimum characters adds to the readers experience, keeping the story tightly knit. The character of Aishwaray, who acts as the friend, philosopher and guide throughout despite his vices became my favorite.

The book cuts off unnecessary drama with narration that keeps you hooked. The writing as such as no glitches but the conversations could have been more mature and the language could have brrn edited better. The book beautifully fuses poems, lyrics and movie dialogues which gives it an instant connect with the readers.

Overall, the book evoked nostalgia in me. The college days memories came flooding. It was a refreshing read and is surely meant for romance genre lovers. I would suggest you read this book in a single sitting.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5
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