Having read Kalki book 1 and then Narsimha, I have become an ardent fan of Kevin Missal’s writing. But as I finish reading Satyayiddha Kalki – Eye of Brahma, book 2 in Kalki series, I am head over heels in love with the magnificence of his imagination!

The book is over 400 pages long and is published by Fingerprint publishers.

The book picks up from where the last one left. Kalki’s brother Arjan is in Kali’s custody, unaware that Kalki is alive. Kalki on the other hand assumes Arjan is perhaps dead too. Nonetheless, he continues his journey towards Mahendragiri mountains. En route he encounters multiple hurdles and even meets the Simha tribe and the Vanars and Hanuman. In parallel world, Mansa, the sister of Vasuki plans to overthrow Kali and is seen gathering forces throughout. In yet another parallel world, Kali comes to know about his race and its history. What rules supreme in this book is the presence of an enigmatic weapon, Eye of Brahma.

This one comes with a complicated plot which mystifies us with the merit of its language and keeps us hooked throughout. It is complicated plot because it layered and keeps one guessing. The book is interspersed with mythical stories and these stories are tweaked in such a way that it is bound to blow your mind.

Every turn of page comes with a suprise element and every twist in the tale is a surprise to be relished. Kevin has been flawless with his descriptions and imagery. The characters have been sketched with precision and character of Kripa is sure to amuse the readers.
The only off putting element was the introduction of the Eye of Brahma was a tad late in the story, I felt.

Overall, this book is crafted ingenious.

Tip: Wait for the climax!

Publisher: Fingerprint publishers
To buy the book, pls click https://amzn.to/2SNImTb

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