Storms after storms that’s how any relationship takes shape after marriage. It is almost as if romance never happened between the two individuals and that leads to the two drifting apart and next thing we know is that either of them is having an affair or they have divorced. Why does proximity lead to two individuals drifting apart? What really goes wrong in relationships? Raksha Bharadia analyses these and many more questions in the book Chaos in romance, sexuality and fidelity by Raksha Bharadia.

The book is published by Rupa publications and is over 200 pages long.

The book is divided into 5 sections and each section analyses one aspect of the relationship. This book is based on interesting facts, case studies and thorough research. The book doesn’t have one dull element to it. With funny illustrations, the author skilfully manages to interest the readers with humour. The author’s writing skills are magnificient. She packs a punch with syntax, ascension and puns. Time to time, the author asks certin relevant questions which makes you think. The language is understandable but more importantly, it is convncing. The book is packed with quotable quotes.

I loved reading this book. I felt like it analyses relationships like never before. It is your answer to all the questions pertaining to marriage, sex, infidelity and morality. It is bold and telling. Being married for 5 years, this book resonates and the illustrations too are relatable.

To sum up, this isn’t a self-help book but one can surely pick it up to understand the dynamics of relationships.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
Publisher: Rupa publication
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