1. Why decide to pen short stories? Was it impromptu decision?

Like I have mentioned inter preface of my book I like to keep my stories short enough to generate interest and long enough to cover the subject. Even in personal life I am not a big fan of long conversations and sometimes when people are going on and on; I try to steer them towards the main subject. In this day and age with Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such content driven apps I believe that people don’t want to read a very long book. Hence the decision to write short stories. It was not an impromptu decision.

2. Which is your favorite story amongst all?

My favourite is The Inspiration. The story is about two legends Sachin Tendulkar and Lieutenant Colonel Vishwanathan, who in the book has been named as Manvinder Singh. Both of these legends have been a great inspiration to me in my growing up days. The fact that I could weave these two in a single story pleases me a lot.

3. Which is your favorite character and why?

Favourite character is “The Grandmaster”. I sometimes feel that we are too much in the present ( or past) and miss out on a long term vision for the future. Hence I created “The Grandmaster” a guy who has a very sad past but thinks ahead. He has a vision and works towards it with everything that he has.

4. What’s your writing schedule like? Do you treat it like a 9-5 job?

As I have mentioned in the preface I write only on weekends. This is to ensure that i can do justice to both my work and my writing.

5. What writing disciplines should an aspiring writer follow according to you?

Writing disciplines are typically for academic writing for those who are writing academic papers or text books. For fiction writers it is simple

1. Write freely and write from your heart.

2. Don’t write with any fear or preconceived notions in your mind.

3. Write factual. Don’t twist facts for dramatic effects.

4. Don’t write with an end goal. For example don’t write the book thinking how this will get adapted on screen. If your book has enough content, there are many and more screenplay writers who will work on it.

6. Any particular character or any incident from the stories that you have borrowed from real life?

The last story in the book is dedicated to women. I have particularly encountered many women at my work place and most of them have inspired me. They work much more than most men do and also look after their families, in-laws and others. The last story is dedicated to all such women who I know. All other stories are fictional

7. Pick 4 directors and actors for 4 different stories from your book.
Farhan Akhtar as both actor and director in “The Grandmaster.”

Amitabh Bachchan as Prof. Parimal and Zoya Akhtar as the Director.

Vidya Balan in “the Woman in the Yellow Saree” and Karan Johar as the directorAayushman Khurana as the “ The Politician” and Anurag Kashyap as the director.

8. Who are the authors that inspire you the most?

Jeffrey Archer

O. Henry

Frederick Forsyth

John Grisham

9. What all will I find on your writing desk?

Thermos with tea for the zillion cups of tea that I have while writing

Mobile – for whatsapp breaks 😃

10. How do you take criticisms/reviews for writing?

I take them very well. I am not a professional author and I am sure I make many mistakes. So reviews and criticism is the best path to improvement.


Debutant author Chinmaya Desai delves into the lives of “ordinary” people and answers some extraordinary questions. Through his lucid and captivating writing, he brings to the fore how there is always something more than what meets the eye.The Grandmaster & other short stories is a selection of fictional tales that provide a glimpse of life’s different facets and oddities. It is these experiences that make our journey interesting, colourful and ends where you least expected it to. Explore these fast-paced tales, with a twist that will keep you turning pages till you reach the end…

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