1. This story is unique and focuses on the positive. What inspired you to write this story?

Thank you for appreciating my work. I’m a positive person. And I believe my inner optimism inspired me to write this story.

2. ‎Any incident in particular that is been recreated from real life?

No. This entire work is purely fictitious.

3. ‎How long did it take to complete this novel? How many edits did it go through?

I started writing this novel in 2013 Jan. During that period, I was doing a full-time job of an Editor and Educationist in KIPS Publishing World, which is one of the most reputed academic publishing houses in India. Due to my hectic work schedule I could devote only 1-2 hours every day. It took me around three years to get ready with the final manuscript.

This book went through 7-8 rounds of editing.

4. You have managed to put together an intricately detailed and well researched novel. Tell us about your research process.

Once again thank you! I took help from Google to research the details related to doomsday. And also referred some encyclopedias.

5. ‎What is your writing schedule like? How many hours do you put into writing?

I don’t follow any rigid or fixed writing schedule. I prefer to write as long as my brain and body allow me. At the most, I dedicate four-six hours a day.

6. ‎How do you escape writer’s block?

For me, the best remedy to escape this block is to take a brief break. Once you’re back, you’ve fresh ideas. A writer must give time to let the ideas blossom in the garden of his/her brain.

7. ‎What hurdles did you face while publishing the book?

Prior to this book, I was completely naive about how to publish a novel. Moreover, I had no one in my family and friend circle who had ever published any work of fiction. So, I had a task before me. Thanks to my previous job which demanded a lot of research. So, I did my own research about self-publishing and traditional publishing. I found self-publishing option convenient for me. Therefore, I chose to go with that one.

8. Where did the insight for crafting your characters? Any particular actor or actress you kept in your thoughts while sketching the characters?

I must say watching movies, reading books, and observing and understanding people around me gave me the insight to create my characters.

No, I didn’t keep any particular actor in my mind while sketching the characters for my novel.

9. Just for fun, if this book was to be made into a movie, who would be the director and who would you want to be the lead star casts.

I would love to see my book adapted to a movie. The director must be Steven Spielberg. And then I’ll leave the lead star cast up to the wise Steven Spielberg.

10. ‎What are the 5 things we can find on your work table?

Clock, Pen, Calendar, a few books, and laptop.

11. ‎Authors who inspire you?

William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Ruskin Bond, Sidney Sheldon, J.K. Rowling, and Chetan Bhagat.

12. ‎Tell us about your upcoming ventures.

It is again a novel. All I can say is it’s about something that millions of people across the world can relate to.

13. ‎What do you do in your leisure time?

I love to listen to music, read books, and singing songs.

14. What message will you give to the budding authors like me?

The only mantra is Read, Read, and Read. Good readers can be the best writers. Be clear what message you have for your readers apart from a good and entertaining story.


What experience it would be to witness the destruction of the world right before your eyes? Do you know how it is to be the last living person on the Earth? Would you like to take an insight into the world after the destruction? Thomas and Alice- who were destined to live together after surviving the greatest catastrophe that ended the World. Adam – a boy who was born in the empty world, but his eyes and heart were full of dreams and wishes. His burning desire to search his soul-mate made him set off on the most unusual and incredible journey of humankind. The consequences and risks were unthinkable. Angelica – a girl who survived the most destructive natural calamity, but lost both her parents in it. She was rescued by a stranger and learnt how to live and love a lonely life after the death of her sole companion. This story is about Love, Life, and the power of Hope.

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