Where did the idea for this book come, your Eureka moment? 
The idea alighted from the unsung(?) realities of the world around us.
If one watch the life from the so formal “Good Morning(s)” to “Good Night(s)”, can’t ignore endless ideas happening around us, every now and then…every here and there…
In today’s fast flying age, everybody is busy beyond the word ‘busy’ itself …everybody is busy for own survival & achieving infused aspirations for self, family, near & dear ones, virtual social families, but, when somehow somewhere come across those moments – which needs their selfless attention towards the Mother Nation!…but, can’t help intrinsically. Because, we don’t have time for those issues in our life, which directly not affecting us, may be affecting lot of others, or even major part of the Nation, but, not me! So, simple answers to many What? Who? Why? When? Where? How? Which? – are “I can’t”, “It’s not my problem”, “Why I”, “How should I”, “I don’t have time”, and many many such convenient excuses.
The reality is, in Independent India – “Sabka Pet Bhara Hua Hai” (All are well fed)…so, we are least bothered, except real sufferers.
If asked, everybody will say – Yes! I want India to grow & to become the super power by all means. But how? Endless self-boasting suggestions…We all are (residing in repulsive inaccessible silos of cast, color, creed, religion, politics, status, power, have’s & have-not’s) either wasting our Time & Energy in fighting for petty issues or downsizing rest of others.
On top of all, unfortunately in Independent India – abusing Democracy is the Democracy.
So, until & unless the Time & Energy of entire population doesn’t collate unifiedly for the only common aspiration for their Mother Nation to become Golden Bird again…till that time we all will be proudly behaving as well-grounded & well-seasoned pseudos…
And, for regaining the prideful ancient rich status of this Nation…we need to eliminate all the negativities (perennial social problems) inculcated while being ruled by external invaders and afterwards by amateur rulers of independent India…
…..And that was the Eureka trigger, which led to the genesis of MIRRRO……who selflessly & fearlessly can execute the dire needs of the hour, who couldn’t  not be bound by the Law, but, bound by cruel necessity of correction cycle in this society…  

If you were stranded on a beach with a fictional character, which character would you be with?Selfishly, I would like to be with MIRRRO around me.
Earlier I was fan of many fictional characters, but, now MIRRRO has topped the chart…
I have heard writers should treat writing like a job, give it a dedicated time like 9 to 5, do you do that? Or are you an erratic creative writer? What’s your writing process like? 
MIRRRO is my debut Novel, which happened metamorphically in few years.
It started many years back, when I was into the so called 9 to 5(+++…) corporate jobs, and, quite naturally most of the times writing was happening in my subconscious mind only. Then after retirement, this story again started flowing, but, without any rules, any schedules or any restrictive hardships.
What I experienced is, that…. Writing is a soulful act, infused by unworded signals of Nature & Time…Writing is a soulful act, blessed by the Goddess of Knowledge & Motivating Muse….Can’t be restricted under the so called market created fragile bodies of Jobness, Process, Procedures, SOP’s, Targets…
As per my experience, what I understood is that….treating writing like a job within a dedicated time like 9 to 5 – can only produce results mechanically, or, cloned versions of existing literature by smartly utilizing new age modules. This can be a good disciplined way of earning well-deserved livelihood while carrying a well-earned professional Degree(s), but, can’t be soul thing.
MIRRRO is my debut novel, so, I can’t conclude what kind of a writer I am, or will be…my journey as a writer, is just begun….Time will tell, whether I am an erratic creative writer, or, to which breed I will belong to? Readers, reviewers & critic are the right people to decide!
Right now, my writing process is in the hands of Time, Nature, Goddess of Knowledge & Muse…..as an author, I am just an infant – to design the so called writing-process….still it is flowing with winds, sun, moon, stars, clouds, birds, nature, time and India….
How long did it take you to pen this novel? 
Honestly speaking, I started writing this particular novel in 2012…then there were lots of rounds of huge gaps of days, months & years…reasons/excuses are inexplicably ingenuine.
But, after retirement, writing been resumed and finally MIRRRO got published in October’ 2019.
How many edits did it go through?
I can share shamelessly that it went through approx. one dozen rounds of editing. The reason being my inexperience.
Which author in your genre of writing do you like the most?
It’s very difficult to revert honestly on this trendy question.
Why? Because, different genre are like different colors to me – and there is no color which I can like most, at the cost of disliking others or less liking others. All colors, all genres have differently unique relevance to our lives. So, I like all the genres.
Now, as far as whom I like the most? This trendy question triggers for liking one or few, while ignorance to the rest. And I am not in favor of disliking the deserved people, may be they are writers or from any walk of life.If you were to go for dinner date with an author which one would you pick?
I would like to go for dinner date with GOD……Because, at the bottom of my heart, I feel that GOD is the only Author – who is plurally singular, who invisibly & consistently is the Best Seller Author across the ages & infinite dimensions of this universe & beyond universe…who has the highest numbers of followers, and, still continuously kept on adding followers into his kitties….who has the transformable immunity against its critics…..
In the process of writing, what surprised you the most?
The unpredictability of a story is the most surprising element to me. In this story of MIRRRO there are several incidents, conversations, situations which were quite unpredictable for me till the final piece of writing…
For this book especially, have you been to any literary pilgrimage? To a place you have borrowed from for your book? 
No, not really. Though I thought, but, it didn’t materialize.
A message you would like to give budding writers and “judgemental” readers.
Being MIRRRO as my debut novel, I think I don’t deserve for this.
I feel that still I am a kindergarten standard student of this huge Writer’s World (School).

BLURBINDIA, as a developing Nation, grown up manifolds and on the verge of being World’s Super Power with Richest Economy. But at the same time many perennial social problems also grew manifolds, remained inattentive and giving birth to exponential intensification to grievances. The volcanoes of grievances led to Genesis of MIЯЯЯO…MIЯЯЯO’s unpredictable fearless Modus-Operandi breaks all the Laws and leads to the out-of-the-box solutions as Weird Way Ward, to rejuvenate the Eco-Systems of today’s hypocritical SYSTEMS…it’s up to the discretion of the PEOPLE, to allow or not!
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