Some stories zoom past us but leave a pot of gold we can dig into again and again, such is The lost gold by Kaushik Yegnan.The book follows the story of Andy Kaufmann. This story spans 4 generations of Kaufmann and tries to show the quest of Andy Kaufman senior to win the gold medal at Olympics.In just a 65 pages the author takes us through 4 generations of Kaufmann family and that is commendable. The chapters are short and the sentences clipped. The writing style of the author makes vivid imagery come alive. The writing is unique and gripping at that.This book is a story about dreams, death of dreams and the rebirth of dreams. It stresses on hope which can continue through generations. It is a story about triumph. This book is short but powerful.Overall, The Lost Gold by Kaushik Yegnan is an inspiring story and a quick read at that.

Rating:🌟🌟🌟 .5
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