Where did the idea for this book come, your Eureka moment?
Once during a storytelling session to my kids, I thought of weaving up a fictional story that would revolve around a theme of a treasure hunt. As I started narrating the idea to them with the characters The Patriots’ Legacy, was born.

If you were stranded on a beach with a fictional character, which character would you be with?

I have heard writers should treat writing like a job, give it a dedicated time like 9 to 5, do you do that? Or are you an erratic creative writer? What’s your writing process like?
Very erratic, some days I would write for 10-12 hours at a stretch and some days I would not write a word.

How long did it take you to pen this novel?
Two and Half years.

How many edits did it go through?
Countless, at one point in time I had to stop reading the manuscript as more I read the more I wanted to change the story-line.

Which author in your genre of writing do you like the most?
Dan Brown

If you were to go for a dinner date with an author which one would you pick?
Twinkle Khanna

In the process of writing, what surprised you the most?
After 6 months of writing the manuscript, I actually started believing that such an ancient treasure might be waiting to be found and I go so much involved with all the characters in the book, I felt that I was part of their team, the Young Patriots. The belief that a fictional story might be a reality surprised my logical thinking.

For this book especially, have you been to any literary pilgrimage? To a place, you have borrowed from for your book?
Actually no, but would want to travel with purpose at some point in time.

Have you recreated any real-life incidences in this book?
Yes, there are few highlights mentioned of actual real-life experiences in the story.

If your book was to be made into a movie which director and actor would you pick?
Director: Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings)
Actor: As there are 7 main characters in the book it would be difficult to pinpoint one single actor, but if I would name one protagonist he would be Tiger Shroff.

How much research you had to do for this book?
I have done an intensive search of the places and locations mentioned in the book. I wanted the readers to feel/believe that what I was narrating in the story is more of a fact than a word of fiction.

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When will we get to read the next book in the series?
God willing pretty soon, I have not set a timeline though.

A message you would like to give budding writers and “judgemental” readers.

For writers, follow your passion, create and believe that your work is the best in the world.

For readers, READ more and more (Start first by reading my book, :)) it will enhance your knowledge and vocabulary


A cache of treasure of unimaginable value lies hidden far away in a corner of the earth, amassed over hundreds of years by the rulers of the Kingdom of Allegiance. A quirk of fate brings together a group of young patriots who in their quest to discover the hidden treasure methodically unravel the clues left behind. Will the determination of the Patriots prevail or will they fall victim to the evil intentions of the dark forces? Gripping and ridden with suspense at every turn, The Patriots Legacy: Forbidden Treasure is a maze of unforgettable adventures with twists and turns that will leave you enthralled.

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