Retelling of the amusing tales from our childhood about our favourite characters Akbar and Birbal was long due. Juhi Ray in her book The final puzzle accomplishes this feat with aplomb.

The book follows the story of Akbar and the favourite gem in his court, Birbal. The book interwines the short stories of Akbar-Birbal and how this duo solves many mysteries and many problems faced by the citizens of the nation. The book leaves us all with a final puzzle which the duo has left unsolved for the citizens and that shall remain unsolved forever. But why did they do this and how did they do this forms the rest of the story.

The book is a gripping story that keeps us involved. The writing of the author is vivid and it makes the scenes come alive. The words are at times honey-dipped, at times sharp like a dagger and at times packed with action. The sentences are woven seamlessly and you find yourself moving from paragraph to paragraph smoothly. At the crux, the book is a collection of Akbar-Birbal stories turned into a novel, based on facts and what binds these stories together is a well written plot.

This book made me nostalgic. It came across as a happy story. Characters are chalked out well but the image of Anang Desai as Birbal was fixated for me. So far we knew about Akbar-Birbal but this book gives you a picture of the court and the officials, the conspiracies, the enemies and the attacks that ensue if you are your King’s favourite. The final puzzle, when you arrive at it, amuses you.

Overall, this book made for a good read.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5
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