A good whodunnit with the most picturesque imageries is difficult to come by. The elephant girl by Chitta Ranjan is one such novel.

Over 300 pages long the novel is set in British Raj. It follows the story of a prince Raj Narayan. After the demise of his father, Raj becomes the Maharaja of the estate. But there are persistent attempts to kill Raj and the motive behind these attacks is to likely whisk away the kingdom.

The novel is a gripping whodunnit. The story progresses swiftly. The language is lucid and there is an ease in the author’s writing. You can identify uncanny patience in the words. The descriptions bring out vivid imageries. It is a whodunnit that is peppered with elements of history and mysticism. The plot of this novel is distinct.

I felt that the title of the book was deceptive. You presume the book to be centered on the elephant girl but this book is about Raj Narayan. It is unpredictable and it kept me glued. This story sure has a recall value and I would say that is all because of the writer’s prowess. He makes the picture come alive for the readers. The book evoked wanderlust in me. The only glitch I felt was the appearance of a mysterious woman in white. You can skip that part and still the story will retain its charm, I feel. The book highlights the lust for power, incest, and same-sex rapes.

Overall, this book makes for a good murder mystery that gives you wanderlust.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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