The Ambrosial Hour by Kakoli G is one short read yet powerful read I recently came across.The book follows the story of Aditi who lives through turbulent life with an irresponsible, drunkard and philandering husband, Arun. She has a dominating mother-in-law who supports the shameful acts of her sons and curses her daughter-in-law. Arun and Aditi have two kids but Arun doesn’t consider them his own. Aditi single handedly brings them up. What we see in this book is the poise of an Indian woman and her silent agitation against patriarchy.

The book gets you easily involved in the lives of Aditi and Arun. You feel your blood boiling when Arun or his mother unashamedly demean Aditi. The book is a short read but a pageturner at that. It is extremely emotional. It harps on the idea of karma – what goes around comes around. It is certainly philosophically inclined. The writing of the author is lucid with short clipped sentences that make you zap through the book. The only glitch I found was the transition in time and scene should have had a pause. The transition is swift and can be jarring too.Overall, this book is a powerful and charismatic read. It speaks of the jpurney of a woman- her grit, her calm, her determination and her resolve. It ably passes on its positive vibes to the readers as well. You live the character as you read it.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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