I met Irrfan Khan during the promotions of the film Acid Factory. Years later, I was doing the PR for The amazing spider-man. Irrfan Khan’s aura has always been mesmerizing. There is an ease to his personality which also reflects in his acting. I picked up Aseem Chhabra’s book Irrfan khan: The man, the dreamer, the star, to delve a little deeper into the life of the actor and this book turned out to be one of the best biographies I have read in the recent times. This book is published by Rupa publications and is over 200 pages long.

A small town boy, shy and lanky, goes on to conquer the hearts of the cinema lovers across the world – this journey is sure interesting. There were ups and downs, and hits and misses. But Khan’s talent and persistence made him persevere. A celebrated journalist, Aseem Chhabra, dexterously pens the actor’s peregrination. The author keeps the reader’s interest alive by narrating the actor’s life in a story format; filling the spaces with anecdotes, bytes of the celebs who have worked with actor and news pieces.

The book transitions smoothly from one phase of the actor’s life to another. This book comes a lot closer to help us understand the making of an actor – “finding contradictions, complexities and compulsions.” The interspersing of bytes from Irrfan’s friends and colleagues show us the varied shades of the actor. The language is rich in vocabulary but quite understandable.

I formed an instant connect with book. It was a page turner for me. As I was reading it I was revisiting my movie reviews and checking what I had to say about the actor in my reviews. As also, I was mentally preparing a list of all the films starring Irrfan that I must watch. What pulled me into this book is author’s great storytelling skills. Author’s love for Irrfan Khan shows in the writing. This book doesn’t have a one-on-one interview with Khan but the research of the author ably justifies the magnificent life of Irrfan Khan.

If you are a cinephile like me and if you are keen to read about Irrfan Khan, you need to pick this book. It is well-researched and a comprehensive study of Irrfan’s filmography so far.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Rupa publications
To buy the book, pls click https://amzn.to/37OUdUS

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