I have started reading regional literature and when I came across a Hindi book, A girl with golden thoughts by Ashutosh Jogia, I made sure to pick it up.

This story follows three friends who come from an affluent background – Vyom, Bhaskar and Alisha. They embark on an adventure trip where they meet Nirjhara. Vyom is instantly attracted towards Nirjhara and from her talks he concludes that she is the columnist of The girl with the golden thoughts. Nirjhara, too, is attracted towards Vyom. This relationship doesn’t culminate into love because Vyom is betrothed to Alisha. He is supposed to stand for the elections. And when he breaks Nirjhara’s heart, she decides to avenge her pride with Bhaskar’s help.

This story is cliché. The plot could have been developed in a better way. It keeps digressing without keeping reader’s interest in mind. What could have been a good political romance drama turns into a revenge drama. I had an inkling that this will be a women’s fiction focusing on “the girl with golden thoughts,” but it swayed towards romance and didn’t stick to that either. It is sans romance. I also felt that this was heading towards becoming a Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani typa story but again that was not to be. The writing of the author is very good and quite understandable. However, as a reader you keep hoping for a better twist in the tale which never arrives. As someone who has penned a novel, I know the amount of patience one needs when creating a work of fiction. ,
And as authors it is also our responsibility to provide something of value to the readers.

If only this book was what it’s name promises…..

All I can say is that, if you want to start reading Hindi books you can pick this up. And this book will sure give you nostalgia and remind you of your college days.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
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