Sara Naveed is a prolific author from Pakistan. I have read two of her past works and loved it. It was, therefore, imperative to pick her fourth book- The world between us- and dive into an old school romance. The book is over 200 pages long and is published by Penguin India.

The book follows the story of Amal. She is a widow. Her husband died a day before her rukhsati. And ever since, Amal has closed up herself to Love. She doesn’t wish to give herself another chance. And despite the badgering of her mother and her friend, Sabeeka, she doesn’t give in. Until she crosses path with Qais. Qais is an annoying rich brat of a person and Amal’s senior in office. Amal hasn’t liked Qais from the day he entered her life but will this hatred turn to love, forms the rest of the story.

The writing style is lucid and the narration is linear. What I loved the most was the staggering twist the author throws towards the climax. When you are reading you do get an inkling but it catches you off guard when you come face to face with that twist in the tale.

Like most of Sara’s works, expect a Bollywood-esque twists and feels. This book paced out slow for me initially. And it certainly didn’t seem like Sara’s previous book, which were quite fast paced. However, slowly this book turned out to be a page turner for me. I liked the vibes Amal and Qais’ fights evoked in me. I absolutely love office romance and enemies turned lovers trope. This book has both.

In the times when everything is locked down and we all are serving a term for our own safety, such reads turn out to be refreshing. It was a cute romance. And if you like romcoms do pick it up.

Also, if you need book recommendations, do feel free to drop in comments or DM me your favorite genre. I would be happy to help.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Penguin India
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