The following may not be the most creative pic clicked by me but this is the reality of a book blogger/bookstagrammer. Visiting book launches, author meets, book swaps, literature fests is our life. We eat books, we talk books, we live books. You will find us clicking away bookish pics at every given opportunity. And our bags are always loaded with books when we are out for any event.I am coping. I am reading. There are free books everywhere right now. And our friends from the publishing industry have been kind enough to send us ebooks as well. But meeting fellow book lovers is always fun. I miss that.Yes, we are having fun playing games online and video chats but that’s just about it.These days seem like dark clouds. And I hope these dark clouds recede soon. To give you all a life update. I rewatched a marathi film Tula kalnar nahi. And another marathi film Narbhachi Wadi. I am done reading Sahir Ludhianavi. My thoughts on the book will be updated soon. I am halfway through with this huge tome Crescent city. More 400 pages to go. I am listening to The Near witch by V. E. Schawab on audible and I am done with 4 chapters. This is my first book by Schwab. Review copies that I have with me, I will dive into them soon.Cooking, cleaning, reading, poems, music, meditation is keeping me occupied. And most importantly I am trying to stay away from negativity as much as possible.On a positive note, I am reconnecting with me old friends and the conversations are turning out to be real cute. There are people who are getting a daily msg from me (consider yourself lucky if you do) asking after them.Wassup with you all. What are you guys missing? What are you guys upto? What are you reading or watching? Tell me about everything you are doing.