#question: Do you pay attention to the beats or the lyrics? ⁣

I am a logophile and I always fall in love with words. So it’s always lyrics for me that makes me like a song. ⁣

I have nothing to share today except this heartfelt poem by Amrita Pritam. Everytime that I read this poem, I have tears in my eyes. Just reading it gives me an uncanny satisfaction. Hope you all will like it. You can find it’s translation and the entire poem easily online. ⁣

Here’s an excerpt⁣

Main Tenu Fer Milangi⁣
Kithe? Kis trah? Pata nahi⁣
Shayad tere Takhiyl di Chinag banke⁣
Tere Canvas te Utrangi⁣
Ya Khore teri Canvas dey Utte⁣
Ik Rahasmayi Lakir Banke⁣
Khamosh Tenu Takdi Rawangi⁣

I will meet you yet again⁣
How and where? I know not.⁣
Perhaps I will become a⁣
figment of your imagination⁣
and maybe, spreading myself⁣
in a mysterious line⁣
on your canvas,⁣
I will keep gazing at you.⁣