Crescent city – House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas, published by Bloomsbury India, was one of the most anticipated reads of 2020 for me. And Quarantine was the best time to pick it up, I feel. The book is huge but it takes you on a rollercoaster ride.The book follows the story of Bryce Quinlan. Bryce is a party animal, a half fae and half human, coming from a royal lineage. Things take a drastic turn when Bryce’s best friend, Danika is found dead in her apartment. There is a lost relic which Danika was after. Was Danika murdered because of the relic or was it for some other reason? Will the dark secrets see the light of the day, forms the rest of the story.Before this, I had read SJM’s ACOTAR series and have been in love with SJM’s writing ever since. With House of Earth and Blood SJM weaves a different universe. And makes sure that she packs a heavy punch with this high-fantasy. The book is about friendship, it is about love, it is about hurt, it about separation, it is about death, it is about sibling bonding, it is about self-discovery, and most importantly, it is about triumph.Like the author pens in the book, you make a drop and then ascent. This book does just that to you. Your heart drops with a thud at the chaos unleashed and the bloodshed that’s happening. And it quickly ascents to give you a happy closure. It leaves you with a cliffhanger ofcourse, but that’s for the later. For now, you need to relish this tome. If you love fantasy fiction then this is by far the most enthralling work I have read. Shape shifter, humans, witches, angels, faes, nymphs, mer people, river-spirits, – this book has it all.As mentioned in my early review, the book hosts a lyrical writing style which transforms with every scene. The author gets you involved with the vivid imageries. And then there are those twists! These twists in the tale is what makes your heart skip a beat. These twists hit you suddenly, catching you off-guard. The book got me glued in no time.However, to be honest, there is too much world building. The ambience created does you good but it also confuses you to some level. And then there are too many characters. Yes, every character can be easily picked as black or white because of the author’s dexterity. I would have loved had the book come with a list of characters and a meaning of certain jargons used in the book, this would have helped read better causing less confusion. But despite this, the story doesn’t get foggy. It only amplifies with each page that we turn. And post 500 pages! It just made me sit up and read. I was consumed by the world of Crescent city.I was in love with Hunt, Bryce, Danika and Ruhn. I laughed with these characters and teared up as well. They gave me adrenaline rush and goosebumps too. My heart just goes out to these characters that SJM has created. This is another masterpiece from a prolific writer.In SJM’s words, picked from the book, this book, “It was joy and death and pain and song and silence.” If you love hi-fantasy you ought not to miss this book.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
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