#Question – What’s the most common trait of your zodiac sign?⁣

We librans wear our heart on our sleeves. We are loyal, we are balanced and we love wholeheartedly. Another important aspect of a Libran is that somewhere in our heart, we are looking for platonic love, that’s pious, something to hold on to. Hence, when I came across this poem called Jogin by Kusumagraj, it resonated. I felt like sharing it. ⁣

साद घालशील⁣
तेव्हाच येईन⁣
जितकं मागशील⁣
तितकच देईन⁣

निघून जाईन.⁣

तुझा मुगुट⁣
मागणार नाही⁣
सभेत नातं⁣
सांगणार नाही⁣

जोगीण बनून⁣
जगत राहीन.⁣

– कुसुमाग्रज⁣

These words of Kusumagraj if literally translated mean…⁣

I’ll be there only if you call me,⁣
I will give exactly what you’d ask for,⁣

And then I’ll leave you⁣
Like a shadow leaves the body,⁣

I’d never claim your crown,⁣
I’d never speak about us to others,⁣

I’d find you within me⁣
And like an ascetic I’ll go on living…!!⁣
And that’s beautiful, isn’t it? ⁣

Thank you @iam_asoul
for translating this for us. 💜⁣