I have a theory and that is, if things in your life get boring, watch flop films. I do this and find myself laughing my head off. #Therapeutic 😇⁣

Maybe, you can try it too. Who knows it might just help you too to overcome the #quarantineanxiety 😉⁣

Here’s a list of flop Bollywood films you can watch. Mind you, this one is in no particular order. ⁣

1. Neal ‘n’ Nikki ⁣
2. Main prem ki deewani hoon⁣
3. Mere yaar ki shaadi hai⁣
4. Jaani dushman – ek anokhi kahani ⁣
5. Raju chacha⁣
6. RGV ki Aag (ye wala best hai! 🔥)⁣
7. Love story 2050 (2020 isn’t done with us yet but dekho lo phir bhi🤭)⁣
8. Drona ⁣
9. Besharam⁣
10. Humshakals (if you can digest ch**iyapa)⁣
11. Roy (except the end of this film i didn’t like anything and i was reviewing it for a website i was working for. imagine my pain while watching this film)⁣
12. Thugs of Hindostan (ye dekhne ki himmat mujhe bhi mile 😅) ⁣

If you survive these 12 will bring in more recommendations. 😜⁣

#question – What is your therapy to get over boredom? ⁣

Also, have you watched any of these films #justforfun ? ⁣

Do you wanna add any other movie to this list? ⁣

Your flop film recommendations are welcome. 😁⁣

Let me know in the comments.⁣

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Ps: This pic was clicked at Tata Lit Fest and I managed to get books on Kashmir narrative in the book swap. 💃⁣