I was supposed to take a break but a DM made me sit up and write this post. ⁣
Someone was pressed because of negative thoughts. Understand this guys, we all are sailing in the same boat. Depression, anxiety, paranoia is gonna overcome all of us at some point. Born and brought up in a metro city, I am not used to this silence and I am sure neither are you. But do we have a choice in this? We don’t. It’s a bloody battle we are fighting. And we are all in this together. So let’s just try to stay sane as much as we can. ⁣

Here’s what I am doing to keep my sanity. ⁣
1. Reading books – Pick huge books and be patient with it. Don’t give up. Read. Just read. ⁣
2. Reading poems – Download Rekhta and read Urdu poems if you like. OR look up YouTube for spoken word poets and listen to them. Follow poets on IG and read their work. Words work like a balm to my soul. Should help you too. Try it. ⁣
3. Listening to bhajans – I am 29 but I am also quite a spiritual soul. Yes, I am listening to Bhajans and spending my time meditating. By meditation I mean silence but by silence I don’t mean absence of sound. Understand the difference. Silence that will help you find yourself is always good. So, meditate. Concentrate on your breathing. ⁣
4. Consume good content – By good I mean creatively enriching. Satisfying. Celebs are going live. Join in and have fun. One of the accounts I personally love is @vividbharati. He is my senior from college and I totally admire him for how passionately he is working on his content. Join his live sessions. You won’t regret. ⁣
5. Paint or draw- No one is going to judge you. Just scribble. I cannot draw a single line but I can emulate. So if I feel like it, I pick the easiest sketch and try drawing. If I fail toh kya 🤷‍♀️ The process was fun. ⁣
6. Write – If you can’t write your own thoughts then write positive thoughts in a book. Participate in @reader_viddh positive everyday challenge. Or just pick random positive thoughts and pen them in a book. ⁣

Baki…do cooking, cleaning, exercising. ⁣

This should help. Rest, I am just a DM away and always there to help you out. ⁣

Sending positivity your way. ⁣

Happy sunshine 🌞⁣

This post was first published on instagram.com/book_gobbler