I am sure to become a Jogan by May 3rd 😆 #HareKrishna #meditate⁣


If someone asks me what have you collected all your life, I would say, I have gathered words and books. There is nothing else with me 🤷‍♀️ ⁣

I have woven some of those words into thoughts and poems. Some won the hearts of art connoisseurs in the past. However, now I have begin to hide these words from the world around me. Only a few get to read these poems and stories I pen. And I have this recurring dream that words have forsaken me. They don’t come to me as they used to. It breaks my heart every time I see that dream. ⁣

After the publication of her first tragic poem, Sylvia Plath wrote to her mother – Once a poem is made available to the public, the right of interpretation belongs to the reader. And perhaps, that’s the reason why I hide my words from the world. I don’t wish for everyone to see my soul. I don’t wish to share a part of myself with everyone. ⁣The reason why I don’t want anyone else to see my poems is, perhaps, because I don’t want others to resonate or even judge me for that matter. I am selfish that way. ⁣


Bahot deep baatein ho gayi. 😅⁣

I think I am just gonna take a break now. Will be around mostly to post reading updates on my stories. So see you there 💜⁣

Will be back with book reviews and bookish talks soon🤓⁣

Now, that’s my #throwback pic. ⁣

Pc: @marianonajourney ⁣
Pic location: Borivali fast #MumbaiLocal 😆⁣

QUESTION – If you could stop and rewind which phase of life would you wanna go back to?⁣