Dear Aman Mathur,
You were truly an angel in Naina’s life. And there are so many Naina’s out there who are waiting for their Aman. You loved her wholeheartedly. The irony’s that your heart failed to give you a life. However, your love gave life to Naina, the one she deserved. Your love made her fall in love with herself. Your love helped her renew herself. She began to sing, dance, smile, there was spring in her step. You left her heartbroken but you helped her find her love again.

This letter is so cliché, so unkempt and yet I can’t help telling you how much you mean to me. How much in love with Aman Mathur I was. I am. How dearly I had been waiting for my Aman Mathur. The silly old chasmish me! The stupid romantic. But Aman, when you emptied your heart in front of Naina, camouflaging your feelings as Rohit’s diary entries, you won me. You won me with your words and your feelings.

Aman. Aman. Aman. I felt it when you said…

“Main aankhen band karta hoon toh tumhe dekhta hoon … aankhen kholta hoon toh tumhe dekhna chahta hoon … tum paas nahi hoti ho toh tumhe chaaron taraf mehsoos karta hoon … har pal, har ghadi, har waqt”

Aman… I felt it when you said…

“Main Tumhe Zindagi Bhar Pyaar Karoonga Aur Marte Dum Tak Pyaar Karoonga…Aur Uske Baad Bhi.”

And Aman, when your voice cracked after confessing your feelings, I felt that too.

Isn’t this all of us, Aman? We close our eyes only to see the person we love. In this age of social media, don’t we all religiously follow the person we love, just a glimpse of their pic or a simple small talk/chat, doesn’t that make us happy? It does. It does. And when we know that it is not meant to be, our voice cracks as well and tears stream down our cheeks too.

Aman Mathur, you time and again, restore my faith in love.

Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bas wo he sabse haseen hai
Uss hath ko tum than lo
Wo meherbaan
Kal ho na ho

Much love to you always

Siddhi ❤

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