I stepped in the vicinity of Mehboob studios. The reason was the media interviews for the film Acid Factory. I was only an intern with ANI back then. And the minute I set my eyes on Irrfan Khan I was hit with a beautiful aura. That was my first encounter with this gem of person. ⁣

Years later, PR for The Amazing Spider-man landed in my lap. @harishsharma1 thank you for that opportunity because that memory remains. When the journalist used my words (written in the Press releases) as her introduction to Irrfan Khan, I felt blessed! I had an opportunity to write for him and to promote his work is the best part of my life. ⁣

Irrfan Khan always had this easy going personality, I felt.
Only recently I read a biography on Irrfan Khan and came closer to knowing what a wonderful actor he was. ⁣
This news is shocking. And this shouldn’t have happened.⁣

The world lost one of its finest actor. ⁣

That’s the pic of my work desk. Which news goes where and the numbers of the journalists were always pinned on the board. ⁣

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