Crescendo tak pahochne se pahile interlude aata hai, haina? So this is nothing but that interlude in our lives. The much needed pause. The silence we all need. We keep chasing illusions all our life. The luxuries we run after and the world we want to create. And in doing so we forget to live in the moment.

We love it when Naina Talwar says, “Life mein kitna bhi try karo kuch na kuch toh chootega he. Isiliye jahan hai, wahan ka he maza lete hain.” But that’s just a dialogue right? Ultimately it is a rat race and humko toh first he aana hai! But just for a sec, evaluate, is that running worth it?

I loved going on fields and reviewing movies and interviewing celebs! I went to their houses and had the luxury to see the celebs at their homely best! But one day sitting on that desk writing video content in a plush office in Lower Parel, I had an epiphany. “Why should it matter to me if Katrina is back with Salman or she patches up with Ranbir?” There I was all dried up and worn out because of the persistent fever and BP issues and no one bothered if I survived or died. And there I was typing out something which made no sense to my being, my existence! What was I doing to myself? Wasn’t that self destructive? And the next thing I know is the big farewell.

I had to carve out a niche for myself. This journey was to be a difficult one. And in all the chaos Baba had to leave. There are some whys we cannot answer and can’t have an answer to either. So running behind those whys brought me depression and insomnia. And then again, that great epiphany – Rise from the ashes, Siddhi, and begin anew! And I did.

Books held me and I held on to them. They helped me earn too. Whatever little I earn I am happy. I follow my passion. And I am crazy about my books. I love them and they love me right back. No expectations and no promises. It is just pure, pious love.

Quarantine that’s happened to all of us has thought each one of us something or the other. But from where I stand, I see that everyone has realized that to be happy we all need to spend some time we ourselves and our family. That our needs are less expensive and joy -giving than our luxuries ever will be!

So thank your stars if you are happy at home with your family. Spending gleeful moments and creating memories. Keep your loved ones cocooned and safe. Because this time won’t ever come again.

And because, T. S. Eliot says, “Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present. – Burnt Norton”

So, heed our advice. Stop cribbing. And make the best out of this quarantine.

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